Student Testimonials

"I've been blessed to have some success as of late in my pool career, but I'm never satisfied so I got with Anthony and wanted to enroll in his class. During my first 2 hours I learned two pretty neat technical stroke shots.  He also uses positive reinforcement which was awesome. I would recommend his classes to any skill level.  He really cares about you as a student and wants you to be the best you can be.   Thanks Anthony! I can't wait till the next lesson..."
Dean Lawson, 2013 BCAPL National 9-Ball Champion
"He is a really great teacher! I like that he divides lessons up into manageable sections so that someone like me can really begin to understand the whys of things and then begin to apply the principles more accurately and with predictable results. I also benefit from the fact that he isn't a teacher focused on rigidity. When teaching a concept, I generally get several options for accomplishing the same thing- without regard as to who 'invented' the concept. Lastly, I appreciate how invested he is in my progress. I get pretty regular check-ins to see how practice is going between lessons, so the customer service alone is amazing! I have been playing for 18 years, pretty much by only things I have committed to memory, instinct and luck, so trying to learn the how things happen and why has been tough, but I can already tell you that I make better decisions in my games, I play better, and I even love practicing alone now."
Isela Arras, Director of Training - Kentucky Domestic Violence Association
"If anyone is interested in classes I would highly recommend Mr. Anthony Beeler! His instruction has done wonders for my game in a very short time. He has raised my game and confidence with his instruction and has taught me the dreaded draw shot!  If he can teach me that he can teach anyone anything. I am looking forward to working with him more and expanding my game. Anthony is patient and professional and breaks the instruction down into simplistic drills and examples. I would recommend Mr. Beeler to anyone interested in learning or just reinforcing the basics!"
Patrick Rodriguez, Retired Military
"My dad and I took the course and were very impressed. The setting was casual and we were able to get the one on one instruction that we were looking for. We covered many topics and brought back some great information (and drills) to help us raise our game. If anyone is thinking about learning the game or improving their existing game, we would highly recommend speaking with Anthony."
Kevin Clem, Linen Services
"I have been playing pool for over 40 years, have owned several pool rooms, taught pool lessons, have won my share of tournaments over the years, and have read most of the books available, and studied videos. I recently signed up for Anthony's classes and have already learned lots new things that have helped my game!"
David Donovan, Billiards Retail
"I looked over the site, his experience playing and teaching, the course and could recommend this guy without ever meeting him. Looks like a diamond in the rough, especially at those rates. Anthony you said Tuck & Throw."
Joe Tucker, Pro Player
"I'm another fan of Anthony. He has studied with several top instructors, and has learned from each of them. I would recommend him to anybody!"
Scott Lee, PBIA Master Instructor

"Thanks for the great lessons!  There are two tremendous changes in stroke we have me undertaking.  The new bridge distance of just over 11 inches compares to my previous bridge distance of around 5 inches.  The full extension compares to a previous backswing of 5 - 7 inches.  I'm addressing these, and, I believe, with practice, it is working.  With these corrections, my stroke seems smoother and is definitely more powerful.   


One technique that has helped, I think, is slowing down the backswing.  I read an article about this "transition," and this slower backstroke and transition seem to help with softer shots, and with the stroke in general. 


The wealth of pool information you afforded me over the three lessons was great.  I'm still digesting it all! ...and will be, over time, incorporating more of your wisdom and experience into my game."

Dr. Rich Weber, Gastroenterologist

"If there is anyone here who disagrees with what Anthony is telling you then you must be not listening.  I have played pool for well over 20 years and didn't take the first lesson until over a year ago, and of course it was with Anthony.  To say it helped my game is an understatement.  I won more tournaments last year than I won collectively in my entire life.   That is a FACT!  I lost 2 close matches at Derby City 2015 to Efren Reyes; bank pool and 9-ball.  Honestly, I should have won both of them.  What I spent in lessons with him I won back in a few weeks by winning tournaments. Pool is fun at any level but money won is twice as sweet as money earned!  Think you have fun now?   Start winning tournaments that pay $500-$1000 and see how much fun you're having.  I guarantee the fun factor will increase at that point.  Thanks Anthony for all of your help with my game!"
Gary Gullett, Accomplished Player
"Played my best match ever! Won 5-0 in 3 innings and 2 break and runs.  Missed another break and run by one shot.  I was in the zone and didn't even realize that the match was over.  It's been a long time since I was that in stroke. Thanks Anthony!"
Duane Richard, Regional APA Champion  
"My wife and I spent a week with Anthony in his home where he conducts his classes!  It was extremely enlightening with what he brings to the game of pool with his instruction:  comprehensive, concise, led by example and a great communicator!  Quote me on it!  No one better in the industry!"
David Shaw, Astoria Federal Savings 
"I just wanted to say that I just took Mr. Beeler's full course and that I will definitely recommend it to everyone. He's a great teacher and gets the message across so it is very easy to understand.  I just spent 2 days with him and he's an A-1 guy and I will be going back for more as I progress."
Bill Sullivan, Construction Management
"I have taken Anthony's 3 day class. Very pleased to report immediate improvement in stroke and stance. He is able to modify his classes to meet the needs of beginner and advanced students. I consider his classes to be a great deal."
Chuck Wilkins, Retired Military
"After playing pool for many years I was shocked at just how much I could improve my game by learning the correct fundamentals.  I highly recommend the course to new players or for those who have been playing for years!"
Karen Belcher, Advocate Messenger Newspaper

SPM National Billiards Instructor of the Decade

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