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Master Instructor

Certified as a Master Instructor by both the PBIA and ACS, Anthony Beeler is one of only 8 dual certified Master Instructors in the world.

Anthony Beeler


Beeler has been an educator since 1999, at the age of 23, holds two master's degrees, writes

billiards articles, teaches K-12, has won over 300 tournaments, has gone hill-hill with Shane

Van Boening, is sponsored by McDermott cues, but his main aim has been to aid pool players

to improve their games exponentially over the competition, with his internet based instructional,

one on one feedback; he has players send in videos of their progress through his coursework,

as he analyzes their games, and tells them what to work on -- guiding them rapidly towards a

higher level of game than they could have achieved independent of his guidance.


But let's rewind a bit. Back in 2010 there was no -- Beeler was giving lessons

in person back then, and news of his instruction was spreading rapidly by word of mouth, as

people began to learn of this consummate pool instructor. Then in 2012 was

launched, and business has been growing ever since. But before that, so much of Beeler's

traditional teaching experience in our nation's (USA) school system had also given him an edge

on any would-be pool Instructor -- he had been doing this teaching gig professionally since age

23. He had worked with virtual training prior to all this virtual billiards instruction -- working side

by side with some of the top virtual educators in the country. He had put his time in long before ever was a thought in his mind. He knew how to run a professional virtual

classroom well before his site was ever launched. His entire resume reads of an educator on

every level, a complete teacher through and through.

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