Normal Weekend Schedule

Hourly Schedule:

Friday:  5 pm - 10 pm

Saturday:  Noon - 5 pm

Sunday -  1 pm to 6 pm

***The above schedule is suggested but can be modified slightly if needed.  Contact the instructor for more detailed information.

Platinum Package Schedule

Lesson 1 – Professional Fundamentals:

  • Stance

  • Vision Center

  • Shot Alignment

  • Grip

  • Bridges

  • Stroke

  • Pre-Shot Routine

  • Mental Toughness

  • Visualization

  • Aiming Overview

Lesson 2 – Controlling the Table:

  • Aiming Visuals

  • Car Method

  • Pivot Point

  • Position Play Diagonal

  • Tuck and Throw

  • Tangent Line & 30 Degree Rule

  • Gear Principle

  • The Three Rules of Position Play

  • Drills

Lesson 3 – Specialty Shots:

  • Safety Play

  • The Kick Safety

  • BAM Banking

  • Kicking Systems

  • Masse

  • Jump Shots

  • Breaking

  • Racking Strategy

  • Optical Illusions

  • Assessing Your Game

  • Photos with the Instructor

BAM Aiming

BAM Aiming Class:

  • BAM Overview

  • Vision Center

  • Stance - How to See Shots Straight

  • Aiming Visuals

  • How to Practice 

  • Calculating the Cut Angle

  • CAR Method

  • Pivot Point

  • Position Play Diagonal

  • BAM Banking

  • Photos with Instructor


Terms and Conditions

All payments received for any or all packages or deposits are non-refundable, including all the face to face and online packages. Cancellation of any lesson forfeits your deposit.  All courses must be complete within 1 calendar year from initial enrollment.  Failure to complete the course within one year forfeits any deposit or payments made on that class.  Any payment or deposit made on a course is considered customized and is therefore ineligible for a refund based on poolteacher.com's policy and PayPal's policy.  All paid lessons come with a photo session with the instructor that will be featured with our Facebook page along with our advertisements. If you wish to waive your photo opportunity please notify us in writing.