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Learn how to play pool! You don’t have to labor over boring practice routines and tedious drills! You don’t have to play 12 hours a day! Learning how to play can be faster and easier than you ever could have imagined! 


Master Instructor ANTHONY BEELER is an instructional columnist for Billiards Buzz, Pool and Billiard Magazine and On the Break News.  He is an Ambassador for McDermott Cue and a 2013 BCAPL National 9-Ball Champion.  He was also recognized as the 2018 SPM Magazine National Billiards Instructor of the Year. He is currently recognized as the SPM Magazine Instructor of the Decade. Beeler's pool school was also featured in the August 2020 edition of Billiards Digest. 

Anthony specializes in "FACE TO FACE" and "ONLINE" learning options.  Learn POOL'S SECRETS in as little as 15 hours, or enroll online at his VIRTUAL BILLIARD ACADEMY to take advantage of AFFORDABLE LONG-TERM INSTRUCTION!


Anthony has five "Top 25" national finishes and is one of only eight ACS/PBIA MASTER INSTRUCTORS in the world.  Currently, Anthony has the highest established Fargo Rating of any certified instructor on the planet and is a fully licensed Kentucky teacher. He has worked in education for over 25 years! He was a district administrator for 9 years and also worked as a Virtual Learning Consultant at the Kentucky Department of Education.

With Anthony's expertise, you can learn to play pool quickly and improve your SKILL-LEVEL in just a short time. You’ll learn PROFESSIONAL MECHANICS, inner-game SECRETS, and master powerful OFFENSIVE and DEFENSIVE skills.  You’ll learn the fastest, easiest, and most accurate way to AIM and you'll learn how to BREAK, BANK, JUMP, and MASSE.

You will also develop your own MENTAL GAME TOOLKIT. Anthony has won over 300 tournaments and has defeated numerous professionals.  He has even gone hill-hill against top ranked pro Shane Van Boening at the Derby City Classic.  Beeler's course will teach you powerful inner-game STRATEGY!



Are you looking for an instructor with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD? Anthony has trained: a VNEA World Champion, a member of Team USA (Atlantic Cup), 6 BCAPL National Champions, 9 APA Regional Champions, 3 State Champions, a former Memphis Open Champion, a Great Southern Billiards Tour Champion, 3 ACS National Champions, 2 WPBA professionals and a member of the Hall of Fame!  

Beeler's Virtual Billiard Academy makes learning not only fun but interactive and efficient for the AVERAGE PERSON who has always wanted to learn how to play. If you’re interested in the fastest and most affordable way to learn billiards, then it is time to pool lessons with the world's finest instructor!

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