•  ASL Silver Course, Lesson 1 (Up to 5 hours).  Includes ASL Instructional Manual. -  $499.99


•  ASL Gold Course, Lessons 1 and 2 (Up to 10 hours):  Includes ASL Instructional Manual and Unstoppable! Positive Thinking for Pool Players (book) - $749.99


•  ASL Platinum Course, Lessons 1-3 (Up to 15 hours).  Includes Unstoppable! Positive Thinking for Pool Players (book),  Unstoppable! The Core Shots of Pool (book) and the ASL Instructional Manual.  Course also includes an in-depth VIDEO ANALYSIS.  - $999.99

•  Hybrid Course, Lessons 1-6  (Face to Face) and the Platinum Online Course (one year of personalized feedback). $1,250.00




Click on the "Virtual Billiard Academy" chart located on this page for a complete breakdown of the various features each course has to offer:


•  Select (video access only) - $99.95

•  Premium (2 weeks of instruction) - $149.95

•  Ultimate (1 month of instruction) - $249.95

•  Gold (6 months of instruction) - $349.95

•  Platinum (1 year of instruction ) - $499.95


•  Course Deposit - $100.00




•  ACS Instructor Certification

(Online or Face to Face) - $999.95

•  ACS Instructor Upgrade

(Online or Face to Face) - $399.95


Phone:   606-669-8401

E-Mail:  poolteacher@ymail.com

"Angles as a Second Language"

(Course Outline) 

Lesson 1 – Professional Fundamentals:

•General Knowledge

•Shot Alignment



•The Stroke

•Pre-Shot Routine

•Mental Toughness



Lesson 2 – Controlling the Table:

•Speed Control



•Tuck and Throw


•Tangent Line & 30 Degree Rule

•Gear Principle

•Position Play



Lesson 3 – Specialty Shots:

•Safety Play

•The Kick Safety


•Kicking Systems


•Jump Shots


•Racking Strategy

•Optical Illusions

•Assessing Your Game

Lesson 4-6 - Developing an Unstoppable Mental Game, Core Offensive Shots, Core Defensive Shots, Core Pattern Play, Avoiding  Common Mental Mistakes, and Improving Pattern Play


Terms and Conditions:  All payments received for any or all packages or deposits are non-refundable, including all the face to face and online packages (after 24 hours of that payment being made).  Customers are allowed one free rebooking and then forfeit $100.00 of their deposit if they rebook their date(s) for a 3rd time.  All courses must be complete within 1 calendar year from initial enrollment.  Failure to complete the course within one year forfeits any deposit or payments made on that particular class.  Any payment or deposit made on a  course is considered customized and is therefore ineligible for a refund based on poolteacher.com's policy and also PayPal's policy.  All lessons come with a free photo session with the instructor that will be featured with our Facebook along with our advertisements.  If you wish to waive your free photo opportunity please notify us in writing.  

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